What Should I Know About Pool Edges


Is it everyone’s dream to be able to dive headfirst into the pool of their dreams? In addition to being refreshing and pleasant, a swimming pool is a luxury that is a pleasure to look at. It does not look good if your pool’s water comes out from the edges and mixes with the floor of your terrace. If it happens, you must work on your pool’s impeccable finish and give your terrace a perfect look. It can be challenging to choose the right pool copings. In this blog post, we present ceramic pool copings and granite pool copings in detail.

The Advantages of Ceramic Pool Edges.

Ceramics is a material made up of particles that are sintered. In the construction sector, this material is mainly used to make tiles and swimming pool copings. This prevalent building material offers endless possibilities, for example, for making drill bits, dentures, knives, and pans, to name a few. It is so appreciated and used, some of the advantages are:

  1. High hardness
  2. Robust
  3. Weather resistant
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Fire resistant
  6. Rigid
  7. Do not deform

In addition, many people appreciate ceramic tiles for their aesthetic appeal. These are also ideal for swimming pool coping and will make your body of water a marvel.

Granite Pool Surfaces: Properties and Advantages

Granite is a common igneous rock. It is a natural stone often used in interior decorations and for decorative paving, which includes swimming pool copings. This material also has other applications, such as worktops and wall coverings. Like ceramic, granite offers many advantages:

  • Anti-slip effect
  • Good resistance to dirt
  • High hardness
  • Superbly aged

Granite can be recognized by its gray and speckled structure. The finish of the slab depends on its application. For example, granite slabs are often polished indoors, while granite pool copings are often bush-hammered, flamed, and brushed.

A luxurious finish will give your pool an extra cachet. Emphasize this aspect by choosing the right borders. Are you looking for an extension of your terrace and swimming pool or something different? Would you like to cope with straight or rounded corners? At Concrete Pro INC, the possibilities are endless, and it is also possible to make custom copings. Do not hesitate to dream aloud, and we will be delighted to hear your wishes.