Concrete Polish and Stain

Give Any Concrete Surface a Beautiful Finish with Concrete Polishing & Staining.

Recent development in concrete polishing and grinding equipment and design choices have brought polished concrete to the forefront of flooring options. Many homeowners also opt for polished concrete flooring due to its design, benefits, and cost-saving possibilities. Concrete Pros INC offer concrete staining and polishing for commercial and residential floors in Colorado.

Benefits Of Polished Concrete

Polished concrete floors offer various benefits making it a perfect choice for most homes or business areas with existing concrete. There is no need to add additional flooring materials. Our skilled craftsmen can transform the concrete into a beautiful, low-maintenance floor that can last a lifetime.

Our polished concrete services offer a virtually unlimited design palette. It can be stained or dyed in various patterns and colors. It can replicate the performance and look of stone, marble, and tile while being more affordable.

We offer several types of concrete services:

Our Polished Concrete Services

Concrete polishing

Concrete is mechanically ground, polished & hardened with a densifier product.

Concrete grinding

Our craftsmen prepare concrete floors to install any other flooring material by leveling the floor. They remove existing surface coatings like grout, mortar, glue, paint, and epoxy.

Concrete design

Our professionals perform coloring concrete with dyes and stains. They also add decorative etching and cuts on the surface.

Grind & Seal

It is a popular and cost-effective method of polishing concrete. The polish is achieved by applying a topical sealer and involves less mechanical grinding.

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Concrete Stains

Stains and dyes are transparent colors that improve the concrete while allowing the aggregate and reflective surface to show through. Our experts can replicate stone, marble, or wood on polished concrete, concrete overlays, or new concrete surfaces.

Concrete staining is a resilient, affordable, and permanent flooring treatment. Due to its highly adaptable nature, it can be used on practically any concrete surface, including both new and old concrete. It results in a truly high-end, luxurious appearance.

Both commercial and residential properties can benefit from the beauty of concrete staining. Some of the most common uses for concrete staining include:

Our concrete staining services use a unique chemical formula that reacts with the concrete to change its appearance permanently. Concrete staining can create a marble-like finish, earthen appearance, or a natural stone look, depending on the type of stain used. We also use staining to achieve geometric designs and decorative patterns.
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