Sidewalks and Patio

Experts In Concrete Sidewalk Repair And Installation


We have been a trusted contractor for all of Colorado’s sidewalk needs for many years. Our professionals can help you with sidewalk replacement, repair, or custom sidewalk design. We are a licensed, insured, and locally-owned contractor, and we pride ourselves on delivering a great product at competitive rates. We love the opportunity to offer you a free quote for your concrete sidewalk needs.

Sidewalk Repair

Is your sidewalk slightly worse for the wear? Chips, cracks, and uneven surfaces can be dangerous. Every day customers or neighbors are walking on your sidewalk. A damaged sidewalk could be a trip hazard. Don’t panic! We can repair your sidewalk quickly and affordably.

Sidewalk Replacement

Sometimes, concrete damage can become expensive. The concrete has crumbled over time, or the accidents can cause severe damage requiring your sidewalk to be replaced entirely. We will always try to repair it first. But if there is structural damage, replacing your sidewalk is essential.

Sidewalk Installation

Our professionals can also install a new concrete sidewalk for your business or home. Create additional paths for your future customers or expand the walkway in front of your house with our customized sidewalk installation services.


Bring Out The Best Of Your Patio

Transform your backyard patio into a stunning continuation of your interior living space. Do you want to enjoy yourself with your friends and family by eating some barbeque or wood oven pizza that just baked into your outdoor kitchen? Our custom-created concrete patio will bring endless entertainment opportunities; you’ll enjoy the liberty of living the good life. Enjoy all the benefits of a stunning outdoor patio space without stressing discoloration and cracks. We offer a wide variety of options with a full spectrum of textures and colors.

Concrete Patio Design

Breezy Outdoor Living Space

We enjoy a long-standing reputation as one of the leading concrete contractors in the Colorado area. Outdoors living spaces like patios have been one of the most requested home improvements for the past decade. Why have patios become so popular? A patio is a part of a general trend towards more relaxed and informal lifestyles. When you build a concrete patio from Concrete Pros INC, you get the chance to boost your living space without having to spend a lot. The materials used in patios have improved crucially through the years. We deliver value, it means you get a well-crafted custom concrete patio for a reasonable price. We also offer a customized look using a broad range of concrete dyes and sealants to look like natural stone, brick, or rock without additional cost.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and speak to one of our professional craftsmen about your patio needs. We will design the perfect patio for your family to enjoy for many years.


Are you interested in repairing the old patio? We can do that for you! Concrete offers design flexibility and you can create a patio of different sizes and shapes.


We can turn an outdated, plain gray patio into a new look with colors and designs at a significant value.

Our Values

We promise integrity, honesty, and quality workmanship on every project. We have been serving Colorado for many years.


We are professionals in custom patio design and sidewalks. We take pride in our reputation for delivering outstanding value and customer satisfaction. Contact our experts now!