10 Reasons to Choose Epoxy Garage Floor


You prefer to keep your garage nice and neat, with everything arranged and plenty of room for your vehicles. However, one thing still bothers you: the floor of your garage. 

It has ugly stains, faded colors, and lots of little chips all over it.

Luckily, you have a solution to these unsightly issues: epoxy flooring. By applying an epoxy coating, you can enhance the appearance and durability of your garage floor. The epoxy will safeguard against stains and shield the floor from cracks, chips, and other forms of damage. What’s more, numerous color options are available, allowing you to select the one that best complements your garage and matches your style.

What is an Epoxy Floor?

In technical terms, epoxy is a glue made from various synthetic thermosetting polymers, typically plastic materials. Its strong adhesive can stick to concrete, wood, and other things. Because of its unique chemical makeup, which we will need to learn about right now, epoxy has many qualities that make it the best type of flooring for garages. Epoxy flooring, also known as resinous flooring, is made by pouring multiple layers of special resins onto a concrete surface.

The epoxy floor coatings have a mixture of resin and polyamine hardeners that turn into a solid and durable material when they bond with the concrete. This makes the epoxy coating tough and resistant to stains. The flooring serves two purposes: it protects the concrete and adds a nice decorative touch to the overall look.

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring for Your Garage?

If you’re wondering why epoxy flooring is an excellent choice for your garage, let us summarize it in simple terms. Here are the benefits that make epoxy flooring a worthwhile investment:

1. Improved Appearance: You take immense pride in your home. Your yard is beautiful, the siding sparkles and the interior is impeccably clean. The last thing you want is for your garage to spoil the hard work you’ve put into your home.

Luckily, floor epoxy coating can come to your rescue. It not only enhances the appearance of your garage floor but also gives it a fresh and clean look. You have a wide range of options when it comes to finishes, such as marbled, metallic, and granite. The color combinations are practically limitless, allowing you to choose a color that perfectly complements the rest of your home.

2. Weather Resistance: Regardless of where you live, epoxy flooring can withstand extreme weather conditions. It can tolerate temperatures ranging from below-freezing to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Epoxy is also fire-resistant, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. A complete epoxy coating will protect your garage floor from the sun, rain, sand, snow, and temperature fluctuations.

3. Durability and Strength: Regarding your garage floor, the strength and durability of epoxy flooring make it an exceptional choice. Garage floors endure a lot, from heavy foot and vehicle traffic to impacts, machinery, and chemical spills. A concrete garage floor will quickly wear out and deteriorate if left bare.

However, epoxy is a resilient material that surpasses the strength of bare concrete. It can withstand heavy impacts without chipping or cracking, providing a sturdy surface for your garage.

4. Enhanced Safety: Adding an epoxy floor coating to your garage will make it a safer place for you. Along with being strong and long-lasting, epoxy has a slightly reflective quality that improves the lighting in your garage. It also acts as a protective barrier, making it fire-resistant and preventing harmful chemicals from seeping into the concrete.

Cracks in your garage floor can be dangerous, as they can cause you to trip and fall. However, epoxy floor coating can seal and prevent these cracks, reducing the risk of accidents.

5. Easy Maintenance: Have you ever spent a whole day or more trying to clean your garage and scrub the floor? It can be a tiring and time-consuming task. While many homeowners want a clean garage floor, only some have the time or energy to deal with spills, salt, and other dirt.

Cleaning and maintaining epoxy flooring is much easier than bare concrete floors. Concrete creates dust and particles as it gets older, which adds to the overall dirtiness. However, with an epoxy coating, the concrete gets sealed, preventing dust and particles from escaping and making cleaning a breeze.

6. Long-Lasting Protection: Concrete doesn’t stay strong forever. As time passes, the elements, temperature changes, and regular use will wear out your garage floor. But here’s the good news: You can extend the lifespan of your garage floor by applying an epoxy coating. Unlike other flooring options, this coating won’t peel, crack, or erode quickly.

By choosing high-quality epoxy resin, you’re giving your garage floor the best protection possible. Epoxy flooring can last for many decades and sometimes even longer. It’s a wise investment for the long term, ensuring your garage floor remains durable and looks great for years to come.

7. Quick and Easy Installation: Installing epoxy flooring is simple and quick. It’s recommended to have an epoxy flooring expert handle the mixing and installation for optimal results.

The expert will pour and spread the epoxy onto the floor, evenly covering the entire surface. The only time-consuming part is the curing process, which can take up to 72 hours. Apart from that, the installation is quick and straightforward, saving you both time and installation expenses.

8. Affordable: Now, let’s discuss the cost of installing epoxy flooring. Adding a protective coating to your garage floor might be expensive, but we’re happy to tell you it’s not the case. Epoxy flooring is more budget-friendly and costs less per square foot than other options.

Unlike some garage flooring installations that require removing or resurfacing your existing concrete, epoxy flooring eliminates the need for such extensive work. Applying epoxy directly onto your existing concrete, steel, or wood flooring saves you time and money.

9. Increased Property Value: Adding epoxy flooring to your garage is an investment that can enhance your home’s overall value. If you decide to sell your house in the future, potential buyers will appreciate the attractive and durable epoxy concrete floor, adding to the appeal of your property.

10. Vehicle-Friendly: Epoxy flooring gives you a smooth and level surface for your garage floor. Uneven concrete can make your vehicle’s tires wear out faster. But with epoxy, you won’t have to worry about moisture, dust, or debris sticking to it and harming your tires.

The strength and evenness of epoxy flooring also make it convenient for working on your vehicles. You won’t have to deal with items sliding or rolling away because of cracks or bumps in the floor.

Make a Smart Investment in Epoxy Flooring Now!

You care about your home, and that includes your garage, right? Why not give it the same level of attention?

By installing epoxy flooring in your garage, you’ll improve its appearance and make maintenance a whole lot easier. You’ll appreciate how epoxy protects and extends the life of your garage floor.

Ready to give your garage a fantastic makeover? Contact Concrete Pros INC team of epoxy flooring experts today to get a free estimate right at your home. We’re here to assist you with all your garage organization and improvement needs!