10 Reasons Why Pavers are the Perfect Upgrade for Your Outdoor Living Space

Concrete Driveways

Are you looking to add a new patio, walkway, or living space to your backyard? Perhaps you want to replace that dull driveway with something more appealing. The answer you seek is pavers. Pavers add beauty and value to your home. The old favorite, concrete, met some of these criteria, but there are many reasons to choose pavers over this boring option. Here are our top ten.

#1 Pavers will not crack or fade.

Pavers are longer lasting and sturdier than traditional poured concrete slabs. The molds are made in the pack in natural materials much tighter. They can also expand and contract more from season to season, preventing weather-related cracking.

#2 They are easy to replace.

If the ground under a concrete layer shift, it can require costly repairs and will never keep the same beauty as the original. With pavers, the stones in the affected area can be removed. This allows for leveling off the ground underneath before replacing them with a look that is as good as new.

#3 It’s ready to go.

Concrete can take three to five days before it is ready for heavy foot traffic or driving. Once pavers are installed, they are ready for immediate use. There is no curing period with pavers so you can enjoy your newly installed hardscaping immediately.

#4 The design possibilities are endless.

The sky is the limit regarding the architectural style, shapes, and pattern combinations available with pavers. No matter the installation, from patios to surrounding a pool or creating a walkway, pavers can add interest to the area that concrete just can’t.

#5 They are a safe choice.

The right type of pavers can help prevent slipping and tripping. Non-slip pavers are an excellent choice for pool-side installations. With pavers, there will be no need to worry about guests, elderly relatives, or children falling on this sturdy material.

#6 The maintenance is easy.

Regular sweeping and occasional rinsing and sealing pavers will keep their beauty and strength for years to come. There is not expensive fuss or muss.

#7 They are strong and durable.

Especially for driveways, suitable pavers can hold massive amounts of weight. They can withstand the pressure of the weight of several cars. In addition, they are three times more potent than poured concrete and can better withstand harsh weather conditions and deicing materials.

#8 The colorful choices!

Forget the drab gray of concrete. One of the best-added benefits of pavers is the limitless colors they come in. Think of a sandy red or golden tone to offset the lush green of a garden. Perhaps you want rich chocolate browns or grays to blend in with the landscape’s natural beauty. It is all possible with pavers.

#9 They can be better for the earth.

Permeable pavers are an option to take a more environmentally friendly approach. They can also help solve drainage or impervious surface restrictions.

#10 Their beauty will last.

An oil spot on a concrete driveway will become a permanent eyesore. This is not true for pavers. Pavers can be quickly flipped or replaced to keep their pristine appearance. They will also increase your home’s value. The money spent on paver projects instantly increases your home’s curb appeal and overall beauty. Upgrading pavers is the right choice for these and numerous other reasons. This worry-free material will last longer and look great for years to come. It will not be an investment you will regret. At Colorado properties services you just look at the many beautiful paver installations we have completed.