Things to Do Once Your Remodeling is Complete


Besides celebrating the departure of your contractor from your home with a happy dance, there are some essential tasks to tackle once your home remodeling is complete. These include reclaiming your space and rearranging your home to your liking. Take the time to unpack items you may have forgotten about. Additionally, remember the excitement of finally finding the silly item you’ve been searching for.

Concrete Pros INC provides a complete range of remodeling services in the Denver metro area including home remodeling services. The experts have prepared a list of items that are essential for maintaining the optimal functioning of your home. Importantly, this list will help safeguard and preserve your valuable investment.

Register Your Warranty Items

Remember to register the things your contractor installed for you. This is the primary method through which you will receive notifications about any recalls on the products installed in your home. By completing the registration process, you ensure that you stay informed about any potential safety issues or product updates related to the installed items.

Here’s a handy tip from someone who has done this before: make labels with your address and stick them on things. It will make things easier and quicker for you.

Ask Maintenance Questions

While it’s essential to take care of the products installed in your home, certain items require special attention to keep them in excellent working condition and looking fresh as if they were new.

Here are a few examples:

Tiles: When it comes to tiles, most of them don’t require sealing, but the grout between the tiles may need it. It’s a good idea to ask your contractor about maintenance and determine when they suggest sealing the grout. They may even have a preferred product they recommend for this purpose.

Filters: Water purification units and heating systems are commonly equipped with filters that require regular maintenance. Neglecting filter changes can lead to unusual behavior or sounds from the appliance. We recommend adding filter changes to your calendar as a reminder to prevent overlooking this task. We also suggest changing heating filters after completing your remodel for optimal performance.

Plumbing fixtures: The buildup of hard water can impact the functioning of shower heads. But don’t worry! Some fantastic tips on Pinterest can help you clean your shower heads and keep them in good working condition! You will find some more tips regarding home remodeling too.

Wood Floors: Firstly, sticking felt pads to the bottom of your furniture is a good idea. You can buy a big bundle of them, and they will protect your floor from damage. Plus, it will be easier to move heavy furniture around. If you have pets, remember to trim their nails regularly to avoid scratches on the floor. Also, remember to have a good doormat, especially on rainy days in Colorado. It will help keep dirt and moisture outside so your home stays clean and dry.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Not all remodeling projects require this step, but if you’re adding more space to your home, changing heating sources, or renovating the roof or siding, it’s a good idea to call your insurance agent. Let them know about the changes so they can update your information. They might even want to come and take pictures of the updated areas for their records.

The main point is that if something unfortunate happens to your home, you want to ensure it is covered by insurance!

Enjoy your space

Take a moment to enjoy your newly remodeled space. Whether relaxing in a cozy corner, hosting gatherings with friends and family, or simply appreciating the improved functionality, savor the joy and comfort that your revamped space brings. Embrace the newfound beauty and make lasting memories in your oasis.

At Concrete Pros INC, our unique home remodeling services have helped our clients keep their homes remodeled within their budget. We want to leave you with one final thought: if you are transparent about your budget, we can better guide you in the design process so you can stay within that budget.