Bathroom Remodeling Tips for Your Home

Bathroom Remodeling

If you plan to remodel the bathrooms in your forever home, Concrete Pros is here to ensure you have a bathroom remodeling that brings you lasting joy. As we age, bathrooms can pose increased risks of slips and falls, making it crucial to have a safe and comfortable space that caters to your needs at every stage of life. To help you achieve this, we’ve compiled our top tips for bathroom remodeling in your forever home.¬†

Accessible Showers: Low Threshold or Curbless Options.

Tub/shower combinations are great for families with kids who need both options, but they have a high step to get in. As we age, this step can become a safety concern for daily use. We offer two safer alternatives for our clients who want to enjoy their homes for as long as possible:

Option 1: Low-threshold showers, with thresholds under 2 inches, are considered safe and easy to step into. They are also known as walk-in showers.

Option 2: Curbless or roll-in showers are designed without any steps, making them ideal for family members who use wheelchairs. They can roll straight into the shower.

We can assist you in choosing the right shower option for your and your family’s needs!

Enhanced Shower Comfort: Built-In Seating

A built-in shower seat is another great feature of any universal bathroom. This provides a safe and convenient place to sit while showering. A built-in shower seat is much easier for anyone in a wheelchair to move from their chair to the shower and is much safer than a portable shower seat that can slip and fall while in use!

It also adds a touch of luxury and functionality to the space, making it more accessible for everyone.

It accommodates the needs of family members with disabilities. It also provides easier access for individuals using wheelchairs to transition from their chairs to the shower. Incorporating a built-in shower seat into your universal design bathroom is an intelligent choice that promotes safety, convenience, and independence.

Essential Addition to Bathroom: Handheld Shower Heads

Incorporating handheld shower heads into your bathroom remodeling is an absolute necessity! They offer exceptional convenience for individuals who prefer to shower while seated or those with limited mobility. With the ability to direct the water flow, handheld shower heads allow greater flexibility and ease of use.

One of the significant advantages of handheld shower heads is their ability to simplify cleaning the shower itself. With the flexibility to maneuver the shower head around the space, reaching every nook and cranny becomes effortless. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional fixed shower heads that restrict your movements during cleaning.

Stylish and Functional Grab Bars: Blending Beauty with Safety

We understand the importance of installing tasteful grab bars that seamlessly integrate with the style of your home, ensuring they don’t look out of place. Our focus is on providing grab bars that serve their essential purpose and enhance aesthetic appeal.

Regarding placement, we highly recommend adding grab bars in both the shower and toilet areas. These key locations greatly enhance safety and accessibility. However, we understand that each bathroom and individual have unique requirements. That’s why our experts will assist you in determining the appropriate quantity and placement of grab bars tailored to your specific needs. Let us transform your perception of grab bars from simple safety features to stylish additions that harmonize with your home’s ambiance. Experience the perfect blend of beauty and practicality with our selection of grab bars, curated to meet your unique needs and preferences.

Accessible Storage Solutions: Convenience and Safety at Your Fingertips

We understand that reaching for toiletries and other bathroom items can pose challenges for some clients, especially when placed too low or too high. That’s why we prioritize designing easily accessible storage spaces in your bathroom, eliminating the need to crouch or bend down to retrieve items like shampoo and soap while showering.

Our expert team will meticulously plan and create storage solutions within arm’s reach, ensuring the utmost convenience for you by strategically positioning shelves, cabinets, or built-in niches at optimal heights. We enable you to effortlessly access your essentials without compromising your safety. With everything easily accessible, you can enjoy a showering experience that is both comfortable and stress-free.

Concrete Pros Vision

With our focus on easy-to-reach storage solutions, we aim to provide you with a bathroom that is visually pleasing and maximizes your comfort and safety. Experience the convenience of effortlessly accessing your toiletries and items and, at the same time, enjoy a functional and elegant bathroom for years to come! Your bathroom should be a harmonious blend of style and practicality, reflecting your taste while meeting your everyday needs.